Discover the beauty of the birds around you with an early bird experience; bird watching for beginners.

Do you enjoy being outdoors? Does a gentle stroll through beautiful countryside make you feel inspired?
Do you occasionally notice a bird fly past or sing near you but have no idea what it is you’re looking at or listening to? Would you like to see a lot more birds and find out what they actually are?


Well if you’ve answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, then you’ll find an early bird experience will give you a perfect introduction to the diversity and splendour of the many birds that live here all year round as well as those that visit us on either their summer or winter holidays.


Based in East Leicestershire, our bird watching experiences are focused roughly within a 25 mile radius of Melton Mowbray covering North Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, South Lincolnshire and South Nottinghamshire.


There are a broad range of habitats within this region holding a significant number of different birds at any given time and there’s always a good chance that a rarity or two turns up as many established passage routes pass through.